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Shadow Master
Shadow Master

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Name: Zanaver Necrovore
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Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 2:18 pm

Welcome To
†hê §håÐðw

Event Schedules

Crystal Alter

19:30 ST

Beast Hunt

(coming soon)

Ranking Members

Guild Master\


Vice GM


Contribution requirements
(click here for how to earn contribution)

(Applicants click here)

80 daily contribution

Guild Officer - lvl38
125 daily contribution

Vice Master
180 daily contribution

You may be offline without notifying anyone for 2 days.
If you are offline contribution is not expected of you.
The people placed in leadership positions have permission to
use their position to in-act punishment on anyone in any way
they see fit, if this power is abused in any unjust manner
it may be brought up and discussed in a very non-hostile method,
as i WILL NOT have the patience for someone who just wants to
whine and complain about someone.
These leaders have also proven to be very open to new ideas from
anyone and very helpful, don't feel that you are too minuscule of a
member to speak up.

After you are done reading this register to the forums and create an account so that you may comment on any of the threads in our forum, then visit This Thread and introduce yourself so we know who you are, if we dont you still wont have permission to post here as we will not know what you are registering to the forum for since we host several games here. Also feel free to visit the Arcade to beat others high scores, or browse any of the other Forums.

Last and most important rule! HAVE FUN! Keep up with your guild contribution quests and hard work!

Introduction Vao8
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Shadow Stalker
Shadow Stalker

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Name: Crono
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Race: Dragonborn

Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Introduction EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 3:19 am

We are The Shadow, we hide amongst the living and make them the dead!

Juuust thought I would offer up this little catch phrase.
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