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 Guild Contribution

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PostSubject: Guild Contribution   Guild Contribution EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 3:52 am

Guild Contribution

There are three ways to get contribution for the guild

Guild Quests

    You can open the guild window from the bar at the bottom of your game screen
Guild Contribution 1twu
and on the middle left of the guild window is a button that says guild quests,
Guild Contribution Irct
you may do these in order to raise funds for the guild as well as a decent bit of personal exp points. If you happen upon a guild quest that you can not perform at the moment you can simply accept the quest and abandon it to refresh the quests requirements. You can do Five of these daily.

Crystal alter

     This is a guild event that is performed at 21:15 daily, you charge the guild crystal which multiplies the amount of exp generated every 3 min to each player, every 5 minutes several mobs of monsters pop up that the guild must fend off the defend the crystal which also has a chance of winning some contribution for the guild as rewards. There are also small chests that appear on the ground periodically in which lay silver, exp, and or contribution. You may enter the alter grounds at any time in the guild window.
Guild Contribution Kusw


    You may also raise guild funds with your personal silver by contributing to the guild.
1,000 silver = 1 guild funds
10,000 silver = 10 guild funds
100,000 silver = 100 guild funds
If you would like to view your contribution record you may do that by clicking the contribution button next to the guild quests button in the guild window. There it will show you the contribution for the current day (server time) that you have raised and the total contribution you have raised for the guild.

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Guild Contribution
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